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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide food education and promote healthy lifestyles that empower individuals and families. That’s why it’s our goal to help people become healthier through their relationships with food. Poppin' Pantry believes that food education should be accessible to everyone.

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The Community Need

After working with various communities both professionally and within her own business, Lauren noticed that individuals and families fundamentally lack food education.

Educating people to make healthy connections and informed decisions about what they eat.

Poppin' Pantry's Founder, Lauren Jude, spent several years working in the community and with one of the largest global food companies in the country, where her role focused on Consumer Research and Product Development.  Over time, Lauren noticed that the researchers developing the products, and those leading the consumer research, did not reflect the communities they were researching or making food for. This led Lauren to identify a problem in the food industry and affected community; individuals and families fundamentally lacked food education. With diet related disparities being highest among black and brown communities, Lauren saw an opportunity to address this disparity and sought to provide the needed food education. 

In 2019, Lauren partnered with a non profit that provided wrap around services to formerly homeless women and their children. The organization needed a teacher who could create a cooking course centered around healthy eating and cooking. The course was hugely successful, and Lauren finally understood what it meant when people said “if you do something that you love, you’ll do it for free!"  Lauren was in love with teaching people about food and Poppin’ Pantry was born. Poppin’ Pantry is dedicated to helping eliminate food related deaths by closing the food education gap.


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Meet Our Founder

Lauren Jude

Poppin' Pantry's founder, Lauren Jude, uses her academic background as a Food Scientist, career knowledge as a Product Developer and passion for food to equip clients with the necessary information to understand what's in their food, while making their time spent in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable. Lauren fundamentally believes that Poppin' Pantry's mission is to help clients build their own versions of generational health.

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